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September 1, 2016

Swanton, Ohio, September 1, 2016– Effective immediately, Labor Rates for all Carburetor and Throttle body boring, Head boring, Engine builds and Repairs, CVT clutch tuning, Dyno Tuning, Race Builds, Suspension Setup, Cylinder Boring and Plating, and all other Repairs and Maintenance will be adjusted to $75.00 per hour.

Demands for top quality labor performed by Fierce have grown eight fold since 2008, said Corey Thatcher during an interview at a recent National Race Event.  “I decided to bring our mechanic labor rates more in line with the industry, however wanted to make sure they were still below most dealer shops.   This new labor rate structure allows us to still be approximately 11% below most other shops which was important to us for my loyal customers. “

Most Atv and Cycle shops charge $85.00+ per hour, and usually never fix things correct the first time, if ever.   When I found out about their rate increase, I specifically called Fierce Power Sports to tell them they should be higher than most of the dealer shops, not lower.   Fierce mechanics are the best in the country in my opinion, Steven – Team 509 Racing.


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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Corey Thatcher at 866-461-3732 or email at



The Pro X/CST ATV MX Nationals took us to the amazing Sunset Ridge MX in Walnut, IL. The weather was just about as perfect as it gets. I think this was the first national this year with zero rain!

I try to not start these off with Trevor since he's our son and it just doesn't seem fair, but after the way he rode this weekend, I feel like he deserves to be mentioned first this week. In 90 Open Sr he raced his butt off and finished both Motos in first. The 90 Shifter (12-15) class didn't end as well for him. In moto one, he was leading when he hit a hole in the track which threw him a little and his boot got stuck in his nerf net, allowing 4 riders to pass him. He got back going quickly, but just a couple turns later, he got pushed off the track by a fellow racer, where he got stuck. Trevor had to get off his quad and pull it out, putting him in dead last (13th). In one lap, he passed 6 racers, and in the last 2 laps, he passed 3 more. He was able to salvage a 5th place in that moto. In moto two, he was leading and made a silly mistake allowing the 2nd place rider to pass him, unable to get the position back, Trevor finished 2nd in that moto, nearly side by side with 1st him a 4th place overall. In Supermini, Trevor checked out in both motos, getting both holeshots and winning both Motos. I couldn't be more proud of him. He is more determined than ever to win. He currently sits in first place in Supermini & 90 Open Sr & second place in 90 Shifter (12-15).

Mason Jackson showed Sunset Ridge who's boss, by walking away with 3 out of 4 first place finishes. Mason got a few holeshots this weekend, led quite a few laps, and even though he had a pretty good wreck in the last lap of 90 Shifter (8-11) in moto 2, he left Sunset with a smile on his face, some road rash from his wreck, and three 1st place medals around his neck. I'd say it was a pretty good weekend for Mason. This kid may be little, but don't let his size fool ya...remember Big things come in small packages! Mason is currently sitting in second place in both 70 Open & 70 Shifter, 4th in 90 Open Jr, & 6th in 90 Shifter (8-11).

Braden Shiamone continues to dominate the 125 class, with a win in both Motos last weekend. He finished in 8th overall in 90 Shifter (12-15). He is currently sitting in 1st place in 125 & 6th place in 90 Shifter (12-15). Keep up the good work Braden!
Haley Goff went 2/2 in the Girls (8-13) class, giving her a 2nd place overall. She is currently sitting in 4th place for the championship. Great job girl!

Corey Osborne raced great this weekend with a 2nd place overall in 125, a 9th overall in in 90 Shifter (12-15), and because of an injury he sustained during the second moto of the 90 class, he did not race the second Supermini moto, which gave him a 9th overall. Corey is currently sitting in 3rd in 125 & 8th in Supermini & 90 Shifter (12-15). Looking good Corey! Evan Osborne....this kid cracks me up, he has a great sense of humor. He rode very good in both of his classes. He finished 6th in 70 Shifter and 9th in 70 Automatic. I love watching him ride...when these two brothers put the whole package together, they are gonna be tough to beat. Keep up the good work guys!

Gavin Hadu rode amazing this weekend! He finished 8th in 90 Open Sr & 7th in 90 Shifter (12-15). He is currently 7th in 90 Open Sr & 14th in 90 Shifter (12-15). Nice job this weekend Gavin.
Rhiannon Lupton had some bad luck last weekend. She had a wheel hub strip out, had a wreck, and blew up a couple motors, but she managed to finish 9th in 90 Open Sr, and a 7th in 90 Shifter (12-15). She is currently sitting in 10th in 90 Open Sr & 14th in 90 Shifter (12-15). We hope Rhiannon has much better luck next time. Nice riding this weekend girl!

Ryan Korody took a pretty bad spill last week at home while practicing. He was still very sore last weekend, but I don't think you could have made him stay home if his life depended on it. He suited up, and went out for 450A. He said it was very tough, but he was determined to finish the moto. He came out in 4th in moto one and 5th in moto two, giving him a 5th overall. He was too sore to attempt to race another class, so he decided to sit out Production A this weekend. Ryan is currently in 4th place in 450A & 8th place in Production A. Please rest for a few days Ryan so you can be ready to go for Millville!

Now onto Cole Sepesi. Cole didn't have the weekend he had hoped for. He went out in Pro Sport on Saturday, raced hard, but came up a tad short at the end, finishing in 2nd place. I know he was determined to get 1st on Sunday to win the overall, but fait wouldn't allow that to happen. As the gate dropped, all 17 quads battled to be the first one around the holeshot corner. I don't know exactly what happened, even though I watched the entire thing, but Cole and a couple other riders wrecked. 2 of the 3 riders got back on to finish the race, unfortunately Cole wasn't one of them. Cole laid on the track, motionless for what seemed to be forever, but in reality wasn't very long. The track medical crew got to him fast and up to the ambulance in minutes. Cole had to be life flighted to St. Jude's trauma center, where they found he had a small laceration on his liver. While this is a pretty bad injury, considering the circumstances, it could have been a lot worse. Cole has since been released and if not home yet, should be headed there. This kid is one determined & dedicated kid. I know he'll find everything inside him to heal as fast as he can, because he doesn't know how to not be fast....and he surely isn't gonna let this slow him down any.

Needless to say, this was a weekend with quite a few ups and downs. There were a few displays of bad sportsmanship throughout the weekend, but I am proud to say that all of our riders & their families have great sportsmanship and carry themselves very well on and off the track. I am proud to say you guys are Fierce riders. Keep up the great work, but most importantly, have fun! ‪#‎atvmx‬ ‪#‎fiercepowersports‬ ‪#‎FTF‬ 


2016 CST/Pro X Atv MX National Championship Series

Round one of the CST/Pro X Atv MX National Championship Series was down in Kemp, TX at Underground MX. We missed a bunch of our riders who couldn't make the journey down, but looking forward to seeing them in a couple weeks!

Saturday started off with some great weather, sun shining...and then towards the end of the day, rain rolled in. The storm didn't last too long but long enough to turn the track to a mud fest, with quite a few Motos to try to get through. All of our riders either raced before the storm or survived the mud. I didn't get to watch everyone's Motos but from what I did see, everyone rode good, had fun, and stayed safe!

Cole Sepesi started out the season with an overall win in Pro Sport & a 4th place overall in Pro-Am. I managed to get up there to watch the first Moto of Pro-Am and Cole was running away with the Moto for the first 12 min....last lap, Parker wewerka made the pass on him, but he finished strong in 2nd place. The 2nd Moto, he had a mishap with a grip, and had a hard time trying to hold on, but he fought hard and stayed in 4th place, giving him a 4th overall in Pro-Am. Awesome job Cole!

Trevor Thatcher started 90 Open Sr, but didn't even make it around a lap, ended up having a small piece of rubber in his main jet. He opted out of racing that class on Sunday because he finished 16th and didn't want to chance the motor since he had to race 90 Open at the end of the day. In Moto one of Supermini, he started out strong but unable to hold off Bryce Ford, he raced hard to stay in 2nd the entire race....same scenario in Moto two, except he fought a little harder to try to get back in 1st to no avail. He finished with a 2nd place overall. Trevor had to race 90 Open Sr in the mud on Saturday. The officials and parents agreed on a two lap Moto, and Trevor made it through the mud and muck in 1st place! Sunday, track conditions were a lot better, but his bike wasn't...he made it around the track the first 1/4 of a lap when his bike just started acting up. He fell back to last, but got it going again and worked his way back up to 4th, which gave him a 1st place overall! Great job Trevor!

Braden Shiamone raced 90 Shifter Sr & 125. He finished 8th in Moto one, but had a little bit of trouble with the clutch in his 90 and was unable to make it for the 2nd Moto, which gave him a 12th place overall. He killed it in 125 though! Braden won both Motos, giving him the overall! Way to go Braden!

Ryan Korody, coming off a broken wrist in the off season, showed these guys that he is ready, willing, and able to get to the front! In Production A, Ryan finished 2nd in Moto one & 3rd in Moto two, giving him 3rd place overall. In 450A, Ryan scored a 5th place finish in Moto one and a 3rd place finish in Moto two, giving him another 3rd place overall! Keep up the good work Ryan!

Corey Osborne got himself a couple 4th place in 90 Shifter Sr & one in 125. He had a few suspension problems, but should be good to go for Round 2. Corey also finished in 7th place in Supermini.

Corey's little bro, Evan Osborne, came out with guns a blazin in Moto one of 70 shifter. He finished with a 4th place in Moto one and a 7th in Moto two, giving him a 6th overall. Evan finished 8th in Moto one of 70 Automatic but he had a little mishap in Moto two, coming off his machine...his arm's a little sore, but he'll be ready for round 2. He got a DNF for that Moto, giving him 12th place overall. Awesome job Osborne boys!

So proud of these guys! Everybody did so good...any and all round 1 jitters are out the window.... it is now game time!

Looking forward to Muddy Creek in a couple of weeks and hoping to see the rest of the Fierce crew back together again!

  It's hard to believe that the 2015 Mtn Dew Atv MX National season has come to an end. It seems like just a few weeks ago we were all rolling into Echeconnee MX, trying to figure out who we were having to race against, what everyone was racing, and how fast everyone has gotten over the winter. Things got tough for a few of our riders this year, but everyone seemed to pull themselves together and work things out. I must say that we couldn't be any more proud of all of our Fierce kids!

I hate to say I have a favorite one, but since he is mine, I think it's ok to do so! Trevor Thatcher proved a lot this year, not only to everybody who had doubts of him being able to do good in Supermini, but also to himself for thinking he was an underdog! His season started off a little on the sketchy side with a near broken wrist and a few bad finishes, but as the season went on, he was able to find his "race", as I say. For the first time, since running the full season of the ATV MX Nationals, Trevor went into Loretta's with no expectations of winning a championship, no heavy weight on his shoulders, no pressure to "have to win". I think it's the first time he actually had fun racing the track. He faced his nemesis...the 10 commandments, and figured them bitches out in practice! With the help of Joe Scarrow and Cole Sepesi, he actually found a rhythm and doubled the entire whoop section, for most all laps. He pulled the holeshot in both Motos of Supermini, and even though he rode hard, was unable to hang on to the lead. He finished the weekend with a 5th overall but 3rd overall for the season. He put on quite a show in both of his 90 classes, but with the temps so high (near 100°), his quad didn't want to perform as good as he did! He ended the weekend with a 3rd overall in both classes, putting him in 3rd for the year in 90 Shifter (12-15) & 5th in 90 Open Sr. If I had to guess, 2016 will be this kid's year!

Then we have Mr. Mason Jackson, who came off a 50cvt last year and jumped right onto a 90 Shifter this year....what a jump! This kid has heart, he has speed, and he's not afraid to ride his quad to its fullest potential, at all times. Mason started the season out with some rough motos, but with such a big jump, it was no real surprise. As the season continued, he improved race after race. By round 4, he clenched himself a 2nd place finish in 90 Shifter (8-11). At Loretta's, Mason came out with a 5th overall, putting him in 7th for the season...moving from a 50 automatic, to a 90 shifter and finishing in the top 10?! That's some great work! He also raced 70 Open where he finished in 2nd this weekend and 3rd for the season. In 70 Shifter, Mason finished 3rd overall at Loretta's, and 3rd for the season. Watch out 2016, because this kid is ready!

Natalie Jackson, proving her Jackson blood runs deep, completely kicked butt this year in the Girls Jr class. The class was stacked with 13 fast little girls, and she still came out on top! She locked up the championship a few rounds ago, and it was nice to see she still tried her best. Not only is she fast against the girls, she proved to be fast in a dominantly boy class too. There were 18 kids on the gate of 50 cvt, and this little lady pushed hard and came out with a 2nd place finish this weekend! That put her in 5th place for the season in the 50 cvt class. Way to go girly!

Rhiannon Lupton is another rider who suffered from a rough beginning this season. Having prior obligations, she was unable to attend round 1, so she came into round 2 knowing she had to play catch up. She went out in practice, trying to get aquatinted with her new machine, and still relishing the fact that she was actually racing at the nationals, she was bucked from her quad and ran over, resulting with a broken collarbone. She was devastated to say the least. She went home, got fixed up, and although she had to sit out another round, she came back with a vengeance! Rhiannon won the next 3 rounds, all while still recovering from her broken collar bone. She battled hard, never giving up the rest of the season, but missing the championship by 1 finishing position! She came in a very close 2nd place at Loretta's, putting her in the 2nd spot for the season. This little lady is dedicated to getting better and training hard, I can not wait to see her ride next season.

Gavin Hadu has shown great improvement from running in the back of the pack in the Jr class last year to mid pack in the Sr classes this year. He finished 8th in 90 Open Sr at Loretta's, putting him in 8th for the season. In 90 Shifter (12-15), he finished in 10th for the weekend, giving him another 8th place for the season. Great job dude.

Little Leah Emch trekked down to Loretta Lynn's Ranch for some more national experience. She's still trying to get this shifting thing down, but she's getting it and before too long, she'll be giving Natalie a run for her money in the Girls Jr class! She had some trouble with the track and flipped her quad, which caused her to get a 13th place finish. No worries, she got to race at Loretta's so her spirits are high!

Last but not least, Mr. Ryan Korody has had a far from easy season! This kid has had a few wrecks with a couple concussions. Even though he had to sit out a couple races, he never gave up! He pushed himself daily to stay up front, to never fall too far behind. He took some time off to heal up and he came back on a mission. Ryan finished 3rd at Loretta's in 450A, giving him a 3rd overall for the season. He finished 6th in Production A, giving him 4th place for the season.

I also want to say how proud we are of Wienen Motorsport's, Cole Sepesi for finishing the season in 3rd place in Pro Sport and 10th in Pro Am. For coming off of 250s last year, jumping straight to the for real Big Boy classes, and finishing with a top 3 and a top 10, is phenomenal! Great job Mr. Sepesi!

2015 was a learning year; a year for everyone to jump up classes, and see what they're really made of, rather than waiting till they aged out to milk a championship, or staying in a class they've already won, like so many do! There's been some wrecks, some broken bones, and some broken hearts, but all in all, I'd say it's been a great season! I can't wait to hit up some local races and see some of our local riders! Great job this year everyone! And remember, Just because the Nationals are over, doesn't mean training is! ‪#‎thereisnooffseason‬
Round 8 of the Mtn Dew Atv MX National Championship Series was at Unadialla...The Home of Horsepower, in New Berlin, NY. The sun was hot, precipitation was zero, and the racing was exciting! There were a few wrecks, a few broken spirits, and a few glimmers of hope for some riders.

As always, our riders rode to impress. Trevor Thatcher had a rough start to the weekend by finishing 5th overall in 90 Open Sr., but when the gate dropped for Supermini, he was on point! He pulled the holeshot, and lead all 4 laps in the 2nd moto, giving him his very first1st place overall finish in Supermini. I know he is super proud of this, and so are we! With 90 Shifter (12-15) only 5 Motos later, we weren't expecting the same results after such a hard ride. The gate dropped, and again, Trevor pulled the holeshot and lead all 4 laps, finishing 1st overall. What an exciting weekend for Trevor!

Rhiannon Lipton had a little trouble with her quad on Friday and was only able to get in 1 practice, but she didn't let that hinder her performance! She managed to pull off a first overall in Girls Sr, even with her carburetor falling off in moto 1! In 90 Automatic Sr, she got into a little trouble in Moto 2, with a slick corner, which spun her and another rider hit her...but she got back going and salvaged a 3rd place overall.
  Little Miss Natalie Jackson continued her winning streak in Girls Jr with a 1-1. She's getting so much better on her shifter, the boys should be a little worried for next year! In 50 CVT she got a bad start, getting nearly last in the holeshot, got up to 3rd, but then fell back to 5th because of slight quad worries, that baby is back at our shop and will be on point for Red Budd!

Mason Jackson...this is one child that (besides my own) gives me a near heart attack every single time he is on the track! He is 110% every single time that gate drops. He finished 3rd overall in both 70 Shifter & 70 Open. In 90 Shifter, he rode hard and was running in 3rd, battling to hold onto that spot, when he got a little sideways, got bumped and flew off his quad, getting pinned underneath it for quite a few seconds before track crew and others got to him to get it off. When I got to him, he insisted he was fine and wanted to finish the race. That boy got back on and rode smart and hard to get back up to 16th, giving him an 11th spot overall. Super impressed with this little man!

Easton Urbanek had a little trouble on the gate of 50 Single Speed, his rear shock fell off. Unadilla staff grouped a few races together, causing double gate drops in some classes...this happened to be one of them. Since 50 Single Speed was 2nd gate drop, they couldn't hold the gate for 2 min, by time the rear shock was put back in place, he had a 20-30 sec gap to try to close. He rode hard, hitting his marks but was unable to catch the front spot. He finished 2nd overall. Easton also raced in 50 Open for the first time this weekend, just for a little more seat time. He showed them that he can compete with those fast kids as well, with a 6th place finish overall.

Ryan Korody is our only Amateur National racer this year, and he is a wonderful kid (or man, whichever u prefer...I prefer kid!). He puts his heart and soul into racing and although he's having a hard time accepting that growing up has to be a part of it, I know that he will figure out a way to combine the two! Ryan is a one of a kind kid, and the future for him is bright! He's had some bad luck this season, and after his first Motos on Sat, him and his dad thought it be best to take it easy on Sunday. He managed an 8th overall in 450A, and a 13th overall in Production A. I know he isn't satisfied with these results, but as a sponsor and a friend, I am proud of him for all the effort he puts in.
Unadilla has never claimed to be nice to anyone. I think everyone has experienced the Unadilla curse at some point, but when you defeat it, it's worth all the heart break!

Great job this weekend everyone, no matter where you finished, we are proud of you! See y'all at Red Buuuuuddddd!
Round 3 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series took us to Muddy Creek Raceway in Beautiful Blountville, TN. Track conditions were, well I'll just say, could've been a little better. However, everyone did great, with what they had to work with. There were quite a few hard crashes this weekend. The worse one, being John Natalie's. Check out his Facebook page for an update on him. We wish him a fast recovery and are very happy he is going to be fine!  
  Ryan Korody rocked it in Sat, finishing 3rd in Moto 1 of 450A & 2nd in Moto 1 of Production A. Sunday was not so kind to him. The first lap of his first race of the day, he was hit in the air, turned sideways and crashed hard. He is doing ok, but going back to his local hospital today for another opinion.
  Trevor Thatcher, let me just say, Holy smokes, where did he come from this weekend?! Trevor showed up in TN on a mission. He was determined to let everyone know he's there and he's not going away anytime soon! In 90 Open Sr., he fought hard for his 3rd place finish. In 90 Shifter (12-15), 2nd Moto, Trevor lost his shifter and had to race 3 laps in 4th gear...still managed a 6th overall! In Supermini, Trevor rode harder than I've seen him ride in a while, if someone wanted his spot, he made them have to work hard to get it. He left with a 2nd overall finish in Supermini.
  Gavin Hadu, also racing in 90 Shifter (12-15) & 90 Open Sr. He battled for his positions on the track, and didn't just give them up. As the season moves on, this little dude is getting a lot more comfortable on his machine and it shows on the track. Gavin left Muddy Creek with a 9th & a 10th overall.
  Blair Miller, running his first national this season, rode hard and finished 9th overall in 90 Open Jr. Having electrical issues on Sunday, he managed race all 4 laps and was able to pull off a 17th spot in 90 shifter (8-11). You'll get 'em next time Blair! 
  Mason Jackson finished 12th overall in 90 shifter (8-11), but rocked his 70 classes this weekend! He won Moto 1 of 70 Open, but came up a little short in the 2nd Moto, giving him a 2nd overall. In 70 Shifter, Mason pulled off a 3rd overall.
  Little miss Natalie Jackson tore that track up this weekend! She ran away with the win in the Girls Jr class! In 50 cvt, she was running great in Moto 1, when her chain popped off! With the help of some crazy Moto mom, she was able to get going again and finish her race. She ended up with a 10th place overall.
  Last but not least, Easton Urbanek showed up in TN for his very first national race. Easton raced in the 50 single speed class, where he pulled off both Moto wins, giving him his very first overall National win! I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of this little guy!
Everyone rode great this weekend, there's not one of our riders that we're not proud of. You all are amazing kids, on and off the track, and we are proud to be your sponsor!
We also want to tell Cole Sepesi nice job for his very first Pro Am podium this weekend! We've personally watched Cole race from the time he was in the 90 jr classes. It's quite amazing to see what he's accomplished and can only imagine where he's going. Cole also had a pretty hard crash in Pro Sport on Sunday. He's pretty banged up, but no serious injuries and can't wait to get back on his quad!
Keep up all the hard work guys, see you all in PA, if not before!!! 
The Fierce Powersports rider of the week is going to our very own Trevor Thatcher! After watching him ride at Muddy Creek, we are naming him Most Improved Rider. If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the national last weekend, you missed out on some beautiful weather, and watching this kid tear up the track! The first couple of rounds, Trevor seemed to be struggling with finding his groove. After practice started on Fri, it was clear that he had found it! Even throwing a whip that any of the Pro’s would have been proud of! All of his hard work and training is really paying off! Way to rock out the weekend Trevor, keep up the hard work! 
We are giving Natalie Jackson the very first rider of the week for 2015. She showed up to the opening round of the Mtn Dew Atv Nationals, on top of her game! This 7 year old girl gave the entire class of boys a run for their money in the 50cvt class! Her first moto she charged from mid pack and was challenging for the lead, but came up a bit short, finishing 2nd. In the Girls Jr class, she won both of her motos by nearly a min ahead of the other girls! Little Miss Natalie Jackson, you are our most improved rider! Keep up the hard work!
 GEORGIA NATIONAL Echeconnee MX - Lizella, Ga - 3/19/2015

Round one of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series, at Echeconnee MX, in Lizella, GA has come and gone. Friday and Saturday had perfect weather, most everyone is heading home with at least a hint of sunburn, and I haven't heard one complaint about that! With rain falling most of the night on Sat, and the forecast for 100% chance of thunderstorms all day Sunday, motos were cancelled. Making round 1 a one Moto format, for most classes. 50s and 70s being the exception, as they ran both motos for those races on Sat, and Pro Am did race one Moto on Sunday.

I want to congratulate little miss Natalie Jackson for earning her first overall win of the season! She won both her motos in Girls Jr., as well as earning 3rd place in 50 CVT. The track was crazy rough, and she rode her butt off! Keep your eye on this little firecracker. Her brother moved up out of CVTs and left her big shoes to fill....after this weekend, I think she proved that she is determined to fill them babies!
Ryan Korody, moving up to A classes this year, showed that he is here, and ready to win! He rode hard and placed 2nd in Production A & 3rd in 450A. He has been training hard in the off season, and it shows!

Trevor Thatcher, also moving up to new classes this year, had a bit of trouble but showed everyone that he's ready and willing to get some wins this year. In 90 Shifter Sr, he finished 4th. In Supermini, he stoll the holeshot, led for a lap, but after losing his air filter, and nearly coming off his quad, he fell back and finished the race in 10th. He hurt his wrist when he almost came off his quad, but was determined to start his last race, 90 Open Sr. He yanked the holeshot and then set it on cruise, just to finish his race. He finished in 6th.

Mason Jackson, stepping away from CVTs, and moving up to shifters, rode hard in some very competitive classes. He finished 4th in 70 Shifter, 6th in 70 Open, 7th in 90 Open Jr, and 13th in 90 Shifter Jr. As soon as he gets back in his grove, y'all will see how amazing this kid is on his mods.

Gavin Hadu, also stepping up to the 90 Sr classes, was rollin out in practice. He finished 8th in 90 Open Sr & 9th in 90 Shifter Sr. He is another determined little dude, so watch and see how much faster he is, as he gets back in his grove!

Keep in mind, all of these riders are from the North (Ohio, MI, & IN), and it's been a long, cold winter. As soon as the ground thaws out and they can throw down some practice laps, don't be surprised if you see all of these determined kids near the front!

First race jitters are gone, and with nearly a month before round 2, I have a feeling there will be some extra hard training going on...on and off the quads!

Great job everyone, we are super proud of all of you!

Daytona International Speedway, Daytona, FL
March 10

We can't complain one bit about the 19 hour drive from northwest Ohio to Daytona Beach, Fl, where we witnessed the inaugural ATV SX race at the Daytona International Speedway! The weather was beautiful, camping was great, and the action was phenomenal!

Trevor Thatcher raced in the Supermini class. This was his first race on his JB Mod 150, racing against the "fast" kids. He pulled the holeshot in his heat and in his Main, giving him the $100 Bell Helmet Holeshot award! He finished the race in 3rd place.

Ryan Korody raced hard in Production A and finished in 3rd place.

Joe Scarrow raced in Junior 25+ and Vet 30+. He pulled 3 holeshots, won 1 heat and both Mains! Joey's not gonna be on the starting gate a whole bunch this year, but just know that he's there, willing and very able to take that next win!

Great job boys!

Congrats guys, for being apart of the very first ATV race at Daytona International Speedway!

10 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2014 for Fierce Powersports' riders!
Congratulations on such a great year, all of your hard work has paid off!

 Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship's were earned by the following:

  • Mason Jackson from Battle Creek, MI **50 CVT**
  • ​Trevor Thatcher from Swanton, OH​ **90 Shifter (8-11)**
  • Bryce Ford from Southlake, TX **90 CVT** & **90 Automatic Sr**
  • Cole Sepesi from Milan, MI **Schoolboy Jr** & **Schoolboy Jr Open**
  • Ryan Korody from Canton, MI **450 B** & **Production B**
Extreme Dirt Track ATV National Championship was earned by
Shaun McLemore from Adrian, MI **Plus 25**

AMA National Mid America Cross Country Championship was earned by
Nolen Steury from Buttler, IN **Pee Wee Quad**

In addition to 10 National championships, there were 12 top 3 finishes!.
  Nolen has locked in the 2014 Mid America XC Championship Series title for Peewee Quad on his 2014 DRR. He has 8 out of 9 wins in class for the season with one round to go. He may even get to give the GNCC Ironman a try this weekend!

Colben finished in 3rd for class at MAXC round 9 in Casey, Illinois. He is currently sitting in 2nd for points for the 90cc production class. He is looking forward to GNCC Ironman this weekend and MAXC Round 10 the next weekend.
  Sept 13, 2014 Fierce Powersports' Holeshot Contest
at Portland Trail Riders
Quad holeshot winners...Mason Jackson won "Pee Wee Quad" on his 50, Trevor Thatcher won "Small Quad" on his 90, Cole Sepesi won "Med Quad" on his 250, and Joe Scarrow won "Big Quad" on his 450....ALL Fierce Powersports' riders! Joe also won the finale...Quad vs Bike against Lee Fleischman on his CRF450. Great job boys!!!

The Dirt Bike Holeshot winners were Taylor Matthew "Pee Wee Bike", Hunter Barber "Small Bike", Tres McKee "Med Bike", and Lee Fleischman "Big Bike"

Congrats to everyone who won, and thanks to all that participated!~
The rider that stuck out the most to us at Loretta Lynn’s is none other than, Ryan “White Rain” Korody. Ryan pushed himself harder than I’ve seen this year, to not only win his 2nd championship for the season, but also to win his very first Loretta Lynn’s 1st place overall! Not only did Ryan ride hard on the track, I also caught him running in the mornings too. We are naming Ryan as Most Dedicated Rider...Way to go Ryan, your hard work and dedication really shows! Photo Credit goes to Ken Hill...thanks Ken
There are so many riders who drastically improved this year, and we are extremely happy to have been a part of their program. Some raced their very first race this year, some won their very first race this year, and some won their very first National championship this year. To see the dedication that these kids have for this sport, absolutely amazes us! We are very proud of every single one of them, no matter what or where they race. It was really hard to choose just one to be Fierce Powersport’s 2014 Rider of the Year.

The rider that we chose is one who is a true team player. Even though he stays focused on his own race program, if a younger rider needs help with something or just needs advice, he never hesitates to help. He helps gate other riders when he can, and is usually cheering them on from the side lines. This rider pushes himself harder and harder every single day and is a great role model for the younger riders.
We are naming Cole Sepesi as 2014 Fierce Powersport’s Rider of the Year! Cole is proof that hard work and dedication does pay off as he will be joining the Weinen Motorsports team in 2015.

Congratulations Cole and good luck next year!

Thanks to Ken Hill for another awesome photo!

The final round of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series took us to Loretta Lynn’s…A place where championships are won and lost…A place where some find it more rewarding to win at than any other.  It rained all day on Friday, so not many people went out for practice. Sat. morning wasn’t a whole lot better, but racing started on time. The first few classes had the worst of it, but as racing went on, the track came in nicely. On Sunday, I’m not sure what the actual temperature was, but it was HOT….had to be at least 100 degrees! A few of our riders, not wanting to hurt their machine, or over exhaust themselves, decided not to run their second motos, because they couldn’t improve their over all position…BUT they still rode their butts off on Sat!

  • Cody Ford finished 1st in moto 1 of 125, but after having problems with his quad, he finished 11th in moto 2, giving him a 6th place overall. What a great place to get his first moto win this year! In Schoolboy Sr, Cody finished 7th overall, 9th in Supermini, and 12th in Schoolboy Jr Open.
  • Cole Sepesi finished 2nd over all in Schoolboy Sr, winning him his second championship this year. After not starting in his 2nd moto of Schoolboy Jr Open, Cole finished 19th. Cole also had some amazing news to share with everybody at Loretta’s…for 2015 Cole will be racing for Wienen Motorsports! What an awesome opportunity for him…we all wish you the best!!!
  • In 90 Open Jr, Trevor Thatcher finished 2nd in moto one, after getting stuck behind another rider and not being able to pass because of the mud. He came back for a win in moto 2, giving him 1st overall, but just missing the championship due to having to fall back on throw outs after tying with Lance Walker for the year. Trevor’s best throw out was 4th, and Lance’s was 3rd. In 90 Shifter (8-11), Trevor won both motos, giving him 2 first place finishes at Loretta’s!
  • Mason Jackson decided not to run in the 50 Open class this round to save his quad for the “money” moto. He placed 1st in both motos of the 50 CVT class, giving him the overall win and the Championship!
  • Bryce Ford, riding amazing as always, won both motos of 90 Automatic Sr and 90 CVT. He also finished 4th overall in 90 Open Sr and 3rd overall in 90 Shifter (12-15).
  • Ryan Korody finished 4th overall in 450B, giving him his 2nd championship this year! In Production B, Ryan finished 1st overall…for his very first overall win at Loretta’s!
  • In 50 Semi-Stock, Natalie Jackson finished 4th overall, showing all those boys that she’s no joke! In Girls Jr, she finished 2nd overall.
  • Tyler DeSilva finished 8th overall in Open A and 10th overall in College 16-24.
  • Jake Geeseman finished 10th overall in Open A and took 1st overall in College 16-24…giving him his very first National overall win! No better place to that, than at Loretta’s!
  • Lindsay Hutchinson finished 2nd overall in Schoolgirl and in Girls Sr Shifter.
  • Joe Scarrow came to Loretta's mostly to support the kids that he trains...deciding not to race on Sunday, he took an 18th overall in Junior 25+ and a 16th overall in Vet 30+
  • Tony Benschoter showed up to Loretta’s but due to quad problems failed to qualify in Open B.

We are so proud of everyone this year. You all rode your butts off and your hard work shows! I can’t wait for 2015 to get here!!!
Here is a list of overall finishing positions for the year….

  • Ryan Korody: Production B 1st, 450 B 1st
  • Cole Sepesi: Schoolboy Sr 1st, Schoolboy Jr Open 1st
  • Bryce Ford: 90 Automatic Sr 1st, 90 CVT 1st, 90 Open Sr 3rd, 90 Shifter (12-15) 4th
  • Trevor Thatcher: 90 Shifter (8-11) 1st, 90 Open Jr 2nd
  • Mason Jackson: 50 CVT 1st, 50 Open 2nd, 70 Shifter 9th
  • Joe Scarrow Junior 25+ 2nd, Vet 30+ 2nd
  • Lindsay Hutchinson Schoolgirl 2nd, Girls Sr Shifter 2nd
  • Cody Ford 125 3rd, Supermini 7th, Schoolboy Sr 10th, Schoolboy Jr Open 13th

Rider of the week from Round 8 of the Mtn Dew Atv Mx National Championship Series at Red Bud MX is one who has drastically improved in the last 2 races. This rider has shown great drive and determination to get to the top. For the last 2 rounds, this rider has finished on top, and twice at Red Bud! We are naming Lindsay Hutchinson as this weekend’s Most Improved Rider! Good job Lindsay, keep up the good work!
At the half way point of the 2014 MAXC Season Colben is sitting in 2nd for points in the 90cc Production Class and Nolen in1st for points in the 50cc Peewee Quad Class. We ventured over to the MWXC in June where Nolen took the Overall in the big peewee class of fifteen 50cc and 90cc riders. Both boys have been riding very consistently and looking better each race. They even got to represent locally at the Harlan Days MX with Colben finishing 1st and Nolen (in his first MX race) finishing 4th out of 12. Always fun for them to try something different! Next week takes us back to XC Racing in Martinsville, IN with the MAXC.
Round 8 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series took us to one of our favorite tracks…Red Bud! The weather was practically perfect, other than a little fog on Sun morning. Stress was high, with the season winding down, people are looking at points and figuring out where they need to be to finish in the position they are happy with. We were happy to see a lot of local racers show up to race at Red Bud. I know its intimidating to race a National, even if you have raced at that track before…so kudos to all of you, sponsored and unsponsored riders, who did have the guts to come out and run with the national riders!

Big congrats to Lindsay Hutchinson who finished 1st in both Schoolgirl and Girls Sr Shifter. Lindsay rode her butt off and won all 4 of her motos.

Bryce Ford finished 1st in both 90 Automatic Sr and 90 CVT. He also finished 3rd in 90 Open Sr and 3rd in 90 Shifter Sr. Great job getting settled into those Sr Shifting classes!

Cole Sepesi finished 1st in Schoolboy Jr Open and 2nd in Schoolboy Sr. He locked up the Schoolboy Jr Open Championship at Red Bud, making him a 7 X National Champ. Way to go Cole!

Ryan Korody, or should I say “White Rain”, finished 1st in Production B, dedicating his win to his, and a few other kids’ trainer, Joe Scarrow’s cousin who had passed away last weekend. Very thoughtful Ryan. He also finished 2nd in 450B.

Joe Scarrow finished 2nd in Junior 25+ and 3rd in Vet 30+. Joey has been an inspiration to a lot of young riders that really look up to him.

Trevor Thatcher rode hard as usual, but with his rear brake sticking in the first moto of 90 Shifter Jr, he was only able to clench a 6th place finish over all, even with his last lap charge for the lead in the 2nd moto, he was unable to pass Lance at the checkers. In 90 Open Jr, Trevor won the first moto, but again with quad troubles in the 2nd moto, he was lucky to stay in 3rd, giving him a 2nd place overall.

Natalie Jackson finished 3rd in Girls Jr and 4th in 50 Semi Stock. Those boys better watch out, because as long as she keeps improving at the rate she is this year, she’s gonna be one tough cookie to beat next year!

Jake Geeseman finished 3rd in Production A with a 5th in moto 1 and a 2nd in moto 2. In College 16-24, Jake won the first moto, and was so close in the 2nd moto. He was running 2nd, made a hard charge for 1st in the last lap, but wrecked trying to pass, giving him a 17th place finish in the 2nd moto, and an 11th place finish overall.

Mason Jackson, not having the greatest luck this weekend, finished 4th overall in 50CVT, and 9th overall in 50 Open.

Cody Ford took a 4th place finish in the 125 class, 7th in Supermini, 10th in Schoolboy Sr, and 13th in Schoolboy Jr Open. Cody is a very pleasant kid to be around. Always smiling and joking around, no matter the situation. I hope he never changes .

Blair Miller hit up his first National this year at Red Bud, and did great! He finished 4th in 70 Automatic, 5th in 90 Open Jr, and 6th in 125. Way to go Blair!

Tyler DeSilva took 5th place overall in College 16-24 and 6th overall in 450A. It’s always fun to watch Tyler race… he has the power and the drive to go fast and race hard lap after lap after lap.

Shelby Harvey finished 5th overall in the Women’s Class. She took some people by surprise when she hit the big table in practice on Fri., but she hit that baby and owned it! She even got her 30 seconds of fame when she came off the track after moto 1 and was interviewed by the local news station, WNDU 16 (which by the way, also has a video and you can see one of Ryan Korody’s holeshots).

Tony Benschoter raced in Open B and finished 9th overall, as well as 450B and finished 10th.

Leah Emch raced her very first National at Red Bud this year. She raced in the 50 Semi-Stock class and finished 12th overall. She’s gonna be another amazing little girl racer as soon as she gets in her comfort zone, those little National boys better look out!

Red Bud was CrAzY rough, as usual. We are very proud of everyone who raced, no matter where you finished! Great job getting out there and doing your thing.

Stay tuned for Loretta’s…with championships on the line, there’s gonna be some good, “let it all hang out” racing.
Riders of the week!
I have 2 of them….

The first one is from the District 14 ATV Racing series at Vally MX on July 6th, 2014.This rider is amazingly fast on his CVT, but is really starting to get the hang of his Shifter. At Valley MX, he really showed that he is improving his shifting skills, and making that quad go faster. We are naming Mason Jackson as Most Improved Shifter.

The 2nd rider is from the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series at Unadilla July 13, 2014.
This rider has so much passion for racing and he is always trying to push himself to get better and go faster. He’s not always in the front of the pack, but he has the heart and the drive…he just needs to gain the confidence. We are naming Cody Ford as Most Ambitious Rider .
Keep up the good work guys!

Thanks for the pics Matt Pranger SpeedPunks Specialized Images and Ken guys rock!
Round 7 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series took us all the way up to New Berlin, NY at Unadilla Motorcross, the Home of Horse Power!

With severe storms being forecasted, motos were cut short, and races were ran together. There were a lot of back to back races, so I didn't get to watch some of them...if any of these results are wrong, please let me know!

Let me start with, way to go Lindsay Hutchinson getting on the podium for the first time this year! She finished first overall in Girls Sr Shifter and and 3rd in Schoolgirl.

Trevor Thatcher finished 1st in 90 Shifter Jr. In 90 Open Jr, he had some quad issues in the 2nd Moto, causing him to finish 2nd overall. Trevor did get all 4 holeshots this weekend and was able to lock up the championship in 90 Shifter Jr!

Mason Jackson finished 1st overall in 50 CVT. In 50 Open Moto 1, Mason had some trouble with his quad, causing him to finish 5th, but we got that baby running fantastic for Moto 2 and Mason went out and him 3rd overall.

Joe Scarrow having another awesome weekend, finished 1st in all of his motos, giving him 1st overall in both Vet 30+ and Junior 25+ He also got all 4 holeshots!

Bryce Ford finished 1st overall in both 90 Automatic Sr and 90 CVT. In 90 Open Sr, he finished 5th overall, and 90 Shifter Sr he finished 3rd overall. I'm not exactly sure how many holeshots Bryce took, so I'll just say LOTS of them! Bryce also locked up 2 Championships this weekend...90 CVT and 90 Automatic Sr.

Ryan Korody proving that he is one of the fast guys, finished 1st in Production B and 2nd in 450B. Ryan is not only fast, but also hilarious! Next time he's on the podium, make sure you listen.
Cole Sepesi finished 1st overall in Schoolboy Sr and 2nd overall in Schoolboy Open Jr. Cole makes sure that in between races, he's in staging with fellow racers, either giving them a pep talk, giving advice, or helping on the gate.

Cody Ford finished 3rd in 125, 7th in Supermini, 10th in schoolboy Open Jr, and 12th in Schoolboy Sr. As soon as Cody gets in his groove, he's gonna be one to watch. This kid has heart and as we all know, that's the main ingredient for being a champion.

Last but not least, Natalie Jackson finished 2nd in Girls Jr and 5th in 50 Semi Stock. Natalie is proving that she is well on her way to being "one of the fast guys".

Great job everyone, we are proud of every one of you!
See y'all in a couple weeks at Reddd Buuuuuuud!
Round 6 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX Nationals took us to Spring Creek MX in Millville, MN. The track was the roughest one of the series, so far. A lot of good racing took place this weekend. I'll start with Ryan Korody ...he took the overall win in Production B with a 2nd in the first Moto and a 1st in the 2nd one. In 450 B, Ryan finished 3rd in the first Moto and, after wrecking in the 2nd Moto, he finished 9th, giving him a 5th overall.
  •  Joe Scarrow , on the podium this weekend with his first overall finish this year in Junior 25+, he finished 1st in both motos. In Vet 30+, Joe finished 3rd in the first Moto, 2nd in the second Moto, giving him 2nd overall.
  • Trevor Thatcher won both motos in 90 Shifter Jr, after a pretty sweet battle in the second Moto, giving him 1st overall. In 90 Open Jr, Trevor won the first Moto, and finished 2nd in the second Moto, giving him 2nd overall. Trevor took all 4 holeshots this weekend!
  • Cole Sepesi finished 1st in both motos of Schoolboy Sr, giving him 1st overall. In Schoolboy Jr Open, Cole had some bad luck with his quad in the first Moto and wrecked in the 2nd Moto, giving him 17th overall.
  • Bryce Ford finished 1st in both motos of 90 Automatic Sr, giving him 1st overall, 3rd overall in 90 Open Sr, 2nd overall in 90 Shifter Sr, and after having some bad luck with his quad in 90 CVT, he finished 2nd overall.
  • Mason Jackson went 1/1 in 50 CVT, giving him 1st overall and 1/2 in 50 Open, also giving him 1st overall. Mason finished 6th overall in 70 Shifter.
  • Natalie Jackson finished 2nd overall in Girls Jr, and 6th overall in 50 semi stock.
  • Lindsay Hutchinson went 2/2 in schoolgirl, giving her 2nd overall and 3/3 in Girls Shifter, giving her 3rd overall.
  • Jake Geeseman finished 2nd overall in College 16-24 and 9th in Production. Awesome finishes for Jake, who hasn't been on a quad in a few months!
  • Cody Ford finished 3rd overall in 125, 15th in Schoolboy Jr Open, 11th in schoolboy Sr, and 6th in Supermini.
Great job this weekend guys!  Hope to see everyone at Unadilla in a couple of weeks
The rider that stuck out the most to us at round 5 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series is one who was having a hard time at the beginning of the season finding his groove. And who can blame him? Stepping up to senior classes and racing against kids who are bigger and older can be very intimidating. He has really stepped up his riding ability the last couple of races. He isn’t afraid to holeshot or to run down his competition. The confidence that this kid has gained is phenomenal! We are naming Bryce Ford as the Biggest Self-Improver!! Great job Bryce, keep up the good work!! Thanks for the great pic Harlen Foley
I just want to say a quick thanks to my sponsors for helping me get here! Let me start off with saying thanks to Harlen Foley at for hooking me up with some pretty awesome pictures this weekend! Harlen's been taking pictures of me since I was 5 years old, and they are always sweet shots! Fierce Powersports (Dyno Tuning), Makson Inc (David Eller), Root River Racing (Rich Gillette & Rod Mickelson), Elka Suspension (Cynthia Prefontaine), 488 Web Design (Jerry Stonecipher), Goodman Racing, Galfer Braking, Boyesen, Hot Rods, Hinson Racing, Leatt, Liquid Performance, ODI, Eks Brand goggles, Quadtech, Ftr Powersports, Speedpunks Images (Matt Pranger), Works Connection, Pivot Works, JB Racing, Fasst Company, Breezewood Proving Grounds (Dan Harris), Rebel Gears, Digital Dave @ Raceday Pix, Rath Racing, Cole Sepesi, Joe Scarrow, Melissa Kufel, Cheryl Thatcher my brother, my mom (Heather Thatcher), and last but not least, my dad (Corey Thatcher) all help me in so many ways, and without all of your help, I wouldn't be able to do this sport that I love so much. THANK YOU!!!
~Trevor Thatcher~
The Fierce Powersports, Goodman Racing, Dexter Motosports backed racer, Shaun McLemore, had a great Round 1 and 2 of the AMA ATV Extreme Dirt Track Nationals in South Dakota.
Round 1 on Friday, he finished 7th in a tough field of the fast paced Production A class. In his +25 age group class he got the holeshot and checked out leading all 10 laps!
Round 2 on Saturday was a little different with all the rain they had gotten overnight and later that day. He chased setup throughout the day and finished 12th in Production A. With the rain came they were unable to get the main in for +25 age class and had to settle with his heat race finish of 6th place.
All in all it was a great weekend. Going into round 2 in New York, he is 9th in points for Production A and is one point behind the leader in +25 age group. He looks to improve his points in both class and is in hopes of grabbing the points lead in +25.
Sunday June 8- Colben Steury won the MZM Performance Holeshot Award at round three of the MAXC in Springville, IN. He was leading his class and 6th overall going into the final lap when the mud got the best of him. He finished in 2nd place for the day and 9th overall.

Nolen Steury got his holeshot too in the 50cc peewee quad race. He fell to 2nd place on the first lap but fought back to a 1st place finish for the 50cc peewee quad race.

It was a muddy day for the boys but the quads and boys fought through it!
Sunday May 25- Colben and Nolen Steury both got 2nd place in their classes and 2nd overall for youth and peewee quad at MAXC round 2 in Gosport, In. Nolen also won the Holeshot Award for the peewee 50 cc quad class for the combined MAXC/MWXC 50cc start. Nolen is currently leading the 50cc class points for the MAXC.
The rider that stuck out the most to us last weekend at the Mtn Dew ATV MX National, at Sunset Ridge MX in Walnut, IL is a rider who has been feeling under the weather for a while. He wasn’t sure if he’d be able to race his 2nd motos this weekend, but he pushed himself to go out there and race his laps. He sets a great example for the kids who look up to him, and is always there to give his advice when asked. That’s why we are naming Joe Scarrow Most Valuable Player…Keep up the good work Joe! Thanks for this great pic Ken Hill.
Round 4 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship Series was at Sunset Ridge in Walnut, IL 5/31-6/1/2014. It was another beautiful weekend, with the sun shining every day. Trevor had a little bit of bad luck in moto 1 of the 90 Shifter Jr Class. He led the race for a lap and a half, until his motor blew up, causing him to finish 14th. He did however, finish 1st in the 2nd moto, giving him a 6th over all.  In the 90 Open Jr Class, Trevor won both motos, giving him 1st overall. 

Trevor would like to say thanks to all his sponsors who help him throughout the season…Fierce Powersports, Makson Inc., Root River Racing, ATV Outlaws, Joey Scarrow, 488 Web Design, Elka Suspension, Goodman Racing, Galfer Braking, Hinson Racing, X-Brand Goggles, Hot Rods, Leatt, DWT, Liquid Performance, ODI, Quadtech, Speedpunks Images, Works Connection, FTR, Pivot Works, Rath Racing, Breezewood Proving Grounds, JB Racing, Fasst Co., Rebel Gears, Vertex, Boyesen, Rage, Mom, Dad, and Grandma. Also, thanks to Culligan Water for sponsoring him for round 4.
NEEDT Series race report for Fierce rider Tyler Deister from the famous Pine Lake raceway in Ashtabula, Ohio 6/7/14. Tyler Finished 2nd in the Pro Lite class and 15th in the ProAm class.
Round 3 of the Mtn Dew ATV MX National Championship series at High Point Raceway in Mount Morris, PA....
  • Natalie Jackson continued to show her vastly improved racing skills as she claimed a 1st over all in the 50 semi stock class and a 2nd overall in the Girls 6-11 class. 
  • Trevor Thatcher showing off his skills, claimed both holeshots in 90 Open Jr as well as 90 Shifter Jr. Trevor led all 4 laps in all 4 of his motos, leaving Highpoint MX with 2 overall wins! 
  • Cole Sepesi fought hard and came out with a 1st in Schoolboy Jr Open and a 3rd in Schoolboy Sr.
  • Bryce Ford showed us can't nothin hold him down! He claimed 1st overall in 90 Automatic Sr and in 90 CVT. Bryce also raced in 90 Open Sr, where he finished 6th overall and in Super Mini where he came out in 10th.
  • Mason Jackson had a rough weekend, having issues with his quad, he finished 6th in 50 Open, and 10th in 50 CVT. 
  • Ryan Korody raced hard for his 2nd place overall finishes in 450B and in Production B...he came out of Open B with an 8th overall. 
  • Cody Ford rode great, finishing 3rd in 125, 8th in Super Mini, 10th in Schoolboy Sr, and 15th in Schoolboy Jr Open. 
  • Joe Scarrow started off the weekend with a pretty awesome win in Moto 1 of Junior 25+....he finished the weekend off with a 3rd overall in Junior 25+ and 4th overall in Vet 30+.
It takes some pretty serious guts to get out there and do what these guys (and girls) matter where y'all finish, kudos to you for even giving it a try! Great job this weekend guys, you all rock! 
Robbie Hetzer placed 3rd in the 200/400 class and 7th in the 14-24 class at the New Northeast extreme dirt track race in Kinston, NC. He was on his Trx/Crf 250 hybrid quad. Thank you Fierce Powersports for getting the season started off right!
Tyler Deister made the trip to Kinston, NC for the 1st round of the NEEDT (New East Extreme Dirt Track) Series on May 10th. Tyler entered in his first Pro Lite & Pro Am classes. 24 Pro and Pro-Am riders tried to qualify for the 20 spots in the Pro-Am division, Tyler qualified 12th with a 4 place finish in the division 1 heat race and ended up 14th overall in the Pro-Am class. Tyler finished 12th in the pro lite class with 19 riders in the field. All and all a great weekend of racing for Tyler’s debut in the Pro classes. The next series race will be at the famous Pine Lake Raceway in Ashtabula Ohio on June 7th & 8th
Natalie Jackson Update
District 14- Portland Trailriders 5/11/14.  After taking a few weeks off due to a broken collarbone, Mason came back and took 1st overall in 70 production.  Additional District 14 results include ...
  4/13/14- Portland Trailriders, 70 production- 1st place overall
  5/4/14- Valley MX, 70 production- 1st place overall
  5/11/14- Portland Trailriders, 70 production- 2nd place overall
"I took 3rd place in both motos in Quad B yesterday at Portland trail riders!" -- Shelby Harvey 
  The rider who impressed us the most this past weekend at Valley Motocross was our very own #404, Trevor Thatcher. He really showed his skills on the track, as he raced 8 hard laps on his 90 mod against the Schoolboy Jr/300cc quads in the Youth Open class. Even though Trevor is recovering from a 2nd degree sprained ankle, he rode flawlessly, lap after lap. Way to go Trevor, you are becoming a huge role model for a lot of kids. We are giving you the Most Impressive Mini Rider based on how many compliments we heard at the track and numerous emails/fb messages we received. Keep up the good work! Thanks to Matt Pranger at SpeedPunks Specialized Images for the killer image!!
Check out Blair Miller's results so far this season in the Michigan State ATV MX Championship Series. 
Portland  4/13 90 mod - 2nd Youth Open - 1st
FreelinMX 4/26 90 mod - 1st Youth Open - 1st
FreelinMX 4/27 90 mod - 1st Youth Open - 1st
Valley MX 5/4 90 mod - 2nd Youth open - 2nd
  Round 2 Mtn Dew ATV National Championship Series Muddy Creek proved to be a tough track for a lot of riders. However, Trevor had no complaints as he used his TT skills on this extremely blue grooved, rough track.  In 90 Open Jr on Sat, he finished 1st, but finished 3rd on Sunday, which gave him a 2nd overall. In 90 Shifter Jr on Sat he finished 3rd. On Sunday, he got the holeshot and raced hard to stay out in front for all 4 laps. He crossed the checkers in first by .6 seconds, giving him a 1st overall! Trevor can’t wait to get to High Point for round 3!
    Daniel Thatcher raced his very first race at Portland Trail Riders over the weekend. He did great and had a blast. He left with his very first quad race trophy being a 1st place one! Way to go Daniel!
  ***There's one youth rider this weekend that blew us all away at Portland Trail Riders. We are nominating NATALIE JACKSON as MOST IMPROVED RIDER! She rode her heart out! Way to go girlie, keep up the hard work!!!!

Photo compliments of SpeedPunks Specialized Images***
  2014 Mtn Dew ATV National Championship Series Round 1
Moral was high going into round 1 of the Mtn Dew ATV National Championship Series at Aonia Pass MX Park in Washington, GA. Its been a long winter. With so much snow, and such cold weather, Trevor wasn't able to ride any in the off season, except for one weekend trip to GA. Trevor was ready to ride, he was excited to get back to the track.

On Saturday, moto 1 of the 90 Open jr race, Trevor pulled the holeshot and led all 4 laps. Although it was a close battle, Trevor came out on top. Moto 1 of 90 Shifter (8-11) Trevor pulled the holeshot, finished in 2nd, with a blown up motor. On Sunday moto 2 of the 90 Open jr race, Trevor yanked the hole shot, rounded the first corner, cracked the piston, causing him to finish 6th (4th overall). Moto 2 of the 90 Shifter (8-11) race wasn't too far behind. He raced the same bike for both races on Saturday, so he had to race the same one for both races Sunday. We pushed the bike in the trailer and Corey Thatcher did his magic. Got it done just in time to get to staging for the 90 Shifter (8-11) race. Trevor Thatcher pulled the holeshot, led all 4 laps, and won the race!

Trevor left round 1 leading points in the 90 Shifter (8-11) class and 4th in the 90 Open jr class.
Fierce Powersports is proud to announce that we are now a dealer for 6D Helmets!

Omni-Directional Suspension. A revolutionary suspension system within your helmet. Only from 6D.
Mt Dew MX ATV National Series:
Joe Scarrow 2nd Junior 25+ & 6th Veteran 30+
Cole Sepesi 1st Schoolboy Sr & 1st Schoolboy Jr Open
David Collard 6th Supermini & 9th 90 Open Sr
Trevor Thatcher 2nd 90 Limited & 3rd 90 Open Jr

Logan Sepesi 4th Girls 6-11 & 10th 70 Open
Lindsay Hutchinson 5th Girls 12-15
Mason Jackson 6th 70 CVT & 2nd 50 Semi Stock
Natalie Jackson 4th 50 Semi Stock
District 14 Series: 
Joe Scarrow 1st Quad A and 3rd Quad 30+
Tyler Dasilva 3rd Quad A and 3rd 16-24
Natalie Jackson 1st 50cc Limited Stock & 3rd 70cc Prod
Mason Jackson 1st 50cc Production CVT & 2nd 70cc Prod
Blair Miller 1st 70cc Production
Trevor Thatcher 1st 90cc Modified

Extreme Dirt Track National Series:
Harold Goodman 1st Pro & 1st Pro Am
Tyler Deister 1st 16-24 & Production A 4th
Matt Hermiller  11th Production A & 29th 16-24
Shaun Mclemore 9th Production A
Alexis Scott 3rd Supermini & 3rd 70-90 Production Auto
MAXC Series:
Colben Steury-   4th place 90 Limited
Isaiah Silverthorn- 2nd  90cc  Production 

AMA National XC Series:

Colben Steury- 3rd Place 90 Limited - 
Isaiah Silverthorn-  2nd  90cc Production 
  AMA MAXC Round 8- The Blackhawk- Plymouth, IN  
Colben place 1st in 90 limited at the AMA MAXC round 8 in Plymouth, Indiana.  He got a jump on the field of 8 and won the holeshot award.  He came into scoring in first every lap but the 4th.  He battled back on the 5th lap take the first spot again and to win the race.  He came in 4 seconds ahead of 3rd and 2 seconds ahead of 2nd place.  It was a hard fought battle but finally came out on top!  
  Colben Steury Update  
Colben raced MAXC's Round 7, "The Bulldog", in Monrovia, Indiana on September 7th.  He finished 3rd out of 10.  He won the Holeshot Award for the day.  He is currently 4th in points for the MAXC AMA Harescramble series in the 90 Limited Class.  Next stop September 28 in Plymouth, Indiana for round 8 with the MAXC. 
  Alexis Scott Update
The Extreme Dirt Track Nationals season come to an end August 23rd and 24th with round 7 and 8 Double Header in Batavia, NY,  Alexis finished the season out with a 3rd out of 19 in the 70-90 Production Auto 8-15 taking two 4th places Friday and Saturday and with a mid year start Alexis finished 3rd out of 5 in the Super Mini 13-15 taking a 3rd and 2nd place on Friday and Saturday.  Alexis was very excited to receive her 2013 AMA Championship Banquet invite finishing top 3 in both classes breaking her overall goal of top 5 for her first year in the AMA series.  Thank you for all the support and for allowing me to be a team rider for 2013, I am looking forward to moving up next year to the 450 women's class!!! - Alexis 
  Colben Steury Update  
Colben raced round 6 of the AMA National MAXC series, Copperhead Row. He started out well with the holeshot in the 90 limited class.  Colben took a sizable lead catching the tail end of the schoolboy class early in the first lap. After making the pass, he pulled away to only have a belt fail on him.  It was like groundhog day all over again with repeated break downs in the MAXC.  We found a spare belt out of William Witty's trailer so we headed over to the MWXC series on Sunday in Martinsville, IN. Colben took the holeshot once again and never looked back.  He end up finishing 10th / 36 and 1 in class winning by over 9 minutes.  Round 7 of the MAXC series will be September 7.  We are hoping for some better luck.
  Race Report for Tyler Deister
The Extreme Dirt Track Nationals season finally took place in Batavia, NY with a double header. Fierce rider Tyler Deister finished out the 16-24 class with  4th and 2nd place finishes, gathering enough points to secure the 2013 EDT National 16-24 championship. In the Production A class Tyler finished 4th overall in the championship points with a couple of top 10’s in Batavia.
  Natalie Jackson Update
Loretta Lynn's Dirt Days ATV national Hurrican Mills, TN  
Natalie took 12th place in moto 1, and moved all the way up to 5th place in moto 2! She finished in 10th place overall. Natalie finished the 2013 Mountain Dew ATV championship series in 4th place. Great racing Natalie!  

Round 9: Redbud Buchanan, MI  
Natalie took 9th place in moto1, and 9th place in moto 2, for an overall 9th place finish.
  Mason Jackson Update
Loretta Lynn's Dirt Days ATV national Hurricane Mills, TN  
Mason Jackson took first place in both motos, for an overall win in the 50 semi stock class. Mason had 4 overall wins this year.  He finished the 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Championship series in 2nd place. Great racing Mason!  

Round 9: Redbud Buchanan, MI  
Mason took first place in moto 1, and 2nd palce in moto 2, for an overall 2nd place finish.   Round 8: Unadilla New Berlin, NY   Mason took 1st place in moto 1, and 2nd place in moto 2, for an overall 2nd place finish.
  Loretta Lynn's Dirt Days National - 8/8/2013 - Hurricane Mills, Tennessee
Trevor Thatcher wrapped up the season with a win in the 90 Open (9-11) class giving him 5 overall wins and 13 podiums for the 2013 season.  He finished 2nd in the 90 Limiited (8-15) class and 3rd in the 90 Open (9-11) class.  What a great year!!
  Colben Steury Update
Colben raced at France Park with the MAXC on July 27.  He took the holeshot but an early mistake put him in 4th on the first lap. By the end on the second lap, he had battled up to second spot.  On the last lap he regained first with a mile left of a 5 1/2 mile course and had a spark plug issue.  He still managed to pull off a 4th place finish.  Colben is currently in 3rd place in the AMA National MAXC Harescramble Series.    Colben raced the next day in the IXCR Harescramble in Attica, IN and dominated the 90 Stock class.  He took the lead on the second lap and built a 2:00 lead on the 4 mile course.  The last lap he had a tree run out in front of him but still managed to take first by 31 seconds.
  Tyler Deister round #6 EDT National race report:   Tyler finished 3rd in his Production A heat race to qualify and start on the front row for the main event, finishing 7th in the main gained more valuable Series points to hold him in 4th overall in the standings. Tyler won his 16-24 heat race and finished 5th in the Main, this gave him a slightly larger 7 point lead in the championship points. With just a double header in Batavia New York on 8/23 & 8/24 left, things are really heating up. Stay tuned!
  Round 9 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
RedBud National - 7/25/2013 - Buchanan, Michigan
Round 9 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship RedBud MX, Buchanan, MI Trevor left RedBud with a 4th over all in 90 Mod Jr and a 1st over all in 90 limited.  In 90 Limited Trevor took both holeshots and both moto wins!  He has gained back the points lead by only 1 point!!!  
  Isaiah Silverthorn #898
Isaiah got a 1st place finish after finishing 2nd in the first 4 races. He also placed 6th in the overall, out running 6 300cc schoolboys.
  Round 5 Busco Beach, NC 7/14/2013
Alexis Scott earned a 1st place overall in the Super Minis 13-15 class taking 1st place in the heat and main race and earned a 2nd place overall in the 70-90 Production Auto 8-15 class taking 2nd place in the heat and main race. For the series she is currently in 3rd place for both classes.  Alexis is looking forward to Pine Lake in 
  EDT National round #5 Busco Beach, NC  
Race report for Fierce Rider Tyler Deister.
Tyler pulled the hole shot and win in the 16-24 class and has a 2 point lead in the point standings Production A class was a little tougher with a 10th place finish and sitting in 4th in the point standings Pine Lake, Ashtabula Ohio is the Daytona 500 of the series; taking place July 27-28 come on out and see the Fierce riders in action!
  Round 8 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Unadilla National - 7/11/2013 - New Berlin, NY
Trevor took on the legendary Unadilla track and earned a 2nd overall in the 90 Open (8-11) and 3rd in 90 Limited (8-15).  For the series he is currently in 3rd in 90 Open (8-11) and 2nd in 90 Limited (8-15). 
Alexis Scott #07 Race Update – After round 4, Alexis is currently holding 3rd place over all in the Production Auto 8-15 class.  Round 2 – Muskogee, OK – Alexis finished 3rd in the heat race and 3rd in the main race in the 70-90 Production Auto 8-15 class Round 3 & 4 – Sioux Falls, SD – Friday, Alexis finished 6th in the heat race after being hit by another rider after leading 1st thru the start of the race and receiving a bent axle, Alexis then finished 4th in the main heat. Saturday, once the rain finally let up and the races were off to a late start, Alexis finished 2nd place in the heat race and had a 5th place finish in the main heat.  Alexis also tried out a second class on Saturday, the Super Mini 13-15, Alexis took 1st place for the heat race and also 1st place for the main heat.  Next stop, Busco Beach, Goldsboro, NC –July 13th 
    Tyler Deister Race report from Sioux Falls South Dakota EDT Nationals rounds #3 & 4. Round #3: 16-24 wicked crash on the starting line, restarted and finished 14th and 5 races later he was able to finish 7th  in production A with a bent up quad. Round #4: After replacing the bent parts Tyler won the production A heat race and finished 2nd in the main, he also finished 2nd in the 16-24 main. All and all a great weekend of racing. After 4 or 8 races, Tyler is currently 4th in Production A points and tied for 3rd in 16-24.
  Round 5 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Birch Creek National - 6/6/2013 Danville, Virginia 

With practice being cancelled on Fri and racing being changed to a 1 moto format due to weather conditions, Trevor ended up with 3rd place finish in 90 mod jr and a 4th place in 90 limited.  He was racing hard in 2nd place in 90 limited for 2 1/2 laps until his rear shock blew a seal and lost all of its fluid.  He lost his points lead, but only by 1 point and he's not giving up yet!  He said to look out for him at Steel City because he has a month to train, and he's planning on getting his points lead back!  
  Colben raced at the AMA MAXC Round 1 Harescramble on April 20 in Madison, Indiana.  After a big hole shot and leading the first half lap, he broke his rear axle and was out for the day.  The second round of the AMA MAXC series took us to Bloomfield.  Again took the holeshot and found some mud to get stuck in.  Finished the day in 4th.  Colben also raced the GNCC Limestone 100 in Springville, IN on May 18.  He took 2nd on the holeshot in a class of 16.  He finished lap one way down in the pack after getting up close and personal with a tree.  He fought back to 5th on the 2nd lap, 4th on the 3rd.  Got up to 3rd on the 4th lap and had mechanical issues and didn't complete the 4th lap.  Finished in 9th for the day.  Next up MAXC Springville, IN on June 9.  Luck's gotta improve!
  Tyler Deister Race Report from
Muskogee, Oklahoma EDT Nationals Round #2 5/24/13
After a transmission failure and  the back engine in place, we had a 9th place finish in 16-24 and 7th place in Production A. After round #2 Tyler is in 2nd place in the points in 16-24 and 5th in Production A.
Tyler Desilva Update
"I got 15th overall in 450A an 1st overall in College 16-24 at the MTN ATV Sunset Ridge National"
Great job Tyler!!
  Round 5 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Sunset Ridge National - Walnut, Illinois

Fierce Powersports wants to say congrats to a few of our mx riders that raced at Sunset Ridge MX this weekend....Way to go to Tyler DeSilva! Finished 1st over all in college 16-24! Mason Jackson with a Moto 1 win giving him 2nd overall in 50 semi stock. Joe Scarrow with a Moto 1 win in Junior 25 Plus giving him a 2nd overall, Cole Sepesi with a Moto 1 win giving him 1st overall in school boy jr open. And Trevor Thatcherwith a win in both motos of 90 limited giving him 1st overall. Way to go boys! — with Dyno Tuning at Sunset Ridge MX.
  Round 5 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Sunset Ridge National - Walnut, Illinois

Trevor is leaving Sunset Ridge MX with a 1st place in 90 limited and a 2nd place in 90 mod jr. Trevor pulled both hole shots and won both motos in 90 limited. In 90 mod jr, Moto 1 he finished 3rd and Moto 2 he finished 2nd, giving him 2nd overall. He is leaving round 5 leading points in 90 limited and 3rd place in 90 mod jr. He has been riding fantastic this season.  Way to go Trevor!
  Natalie Jackson Update - Round 4 ATV championship
Wildcat Creek National
Natalie had a great racing weekend at Wildcat. In moto 1, she took 2nd place in the 50 semi stock class, and moto 2, she took 4th, with an overall 2nd place finish.
  Mason Jackson Update - Round 4 ATV championship
Wildcat Creek National
In moto 1 of the 50 semi stock class, Mason hit a rock and broke his chain. He ended up with an 8th place finish. In moto 2, he battled for a 2nd place finish, and ended up with 4th place overall. In the 70 CVT class, Mason took 8th place in moto 1, and 9th place in moto 2, with an overall 8th place finish.
  Round 4 2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship 
Wildcat Creek National - 5/10/2013 - Rossville, Indiana

Wildcat Creek Mx was a pretty crazy track, with A LOT of wrecks!  Moto 1 of 90 Open Jr Trevor and another rider got into each other on a jump and both quads cart wheeled a few times.  Trevor has a few scrapes and is pretty sore, but not majorly hurt.  He didn't finish the race and didn't race moto 2, so he ended up with a 15th overall in that class.  In 90 Limited Moto 1 (which was 5 motos after his 90 mod wreck), he finished 5th.  Moto 2, Trevor got the holeshot, led all 4 laps, and finished first giving him 3rd overall.

Trevor wants to wish all riders who wrecked at Wildcat Creek MX, a speedy recovery.
Tyler Deisterr Round #1 EDT National Series

Tyler Deister raced round #1 of the EDT National Series this past weekend in Kinston, NC. Tyler had (2) hole shots on the #6 Honda in the 16-24 heat and main and finished 4th Tyler was able to work his way up to a 10th place finish in the Production A final, starting from the back row.
  Round 3 2013 Mt Dew Atv Motocross Championship 
Ballance Moto X - 4/25/2013 Oakland, Kentucky 

Trevor Thatcher had an exceptional weekend at Ballance Moto X with a win in the 90 Limited (8-15) class and runner up in the 90 Open (8-11) class.  Trevor is leading the championship in the 90 Limited (8-15) class and 3rd in the 90 Open (8-11)  
  Portland Trail Riders - District 14

Trevor was in the hospital for a few days last week because of complications with his diabetes.  Every time the dr. came in to check on him, Trevor would ask when he could go home because he had a race on Saturday.  He was released late Thursday afternoon and couldn't wait to get to the track on Friday.  As you can see from the pics, he was feeling a lot better!

Trevor raced at Portland Trail Riders for a District 14 race.  He finished 1st in both motos in 90 Mod on Sunday and was killing it all day on the track during practice on Saturday.
  2013 Mountain Dew ATV Motocross Championship
Aonia Pass - 3/21/2013 - Washington, Georgia 

The weekend started off ok with some decent practice in on Friday.  Saturday it started raining  just about the time the racing started.  In 90 mod Jr/open Jr Trevor was 2nd in the hole shot but a half a lap in, his motor seized up because of there being so much water on the track. he ended up with a DNS,
12 place. There were only 3 quads out of 15 that finished that race.   We weren't going to even go out for the 90 production/limited race because the weather conditions and the track were so bad, but 20 minutes before his race, the rain stopped and the sun came out. The pros were on the track and 5 min. Before Trevor's gate drop, he got geared up and got to the gate. He got the hole shot and won that moto. Racing was cancelled on Sunday so Trevor left Aonia Pass with a first in 90 production/limited and a 12th in 90 mod Jr/open Jr
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